Deputy PM, FM Pham Binh Minh asked for China’s serious consideration and positive response to Viet Nam’s demands after China illegally placed Haiyang Shiyou – 981 drilling rig and deployed as many as 99 vessels in Viet Nam’s waters, during his phone call to Chinese FM Wang Yi on Thursday.


Once again, Deputy PM, PM resolutely opposed China’s act and demanded China immediately withdraw the drilling rig as well as vessels from waters under Viet Nam’s sovereignty, sovereign right and jurisdiction.


He stressed that China’s act seriously damaged the mutual trust between the two countries as well as Vietnamese people’s sentiments, runs counter to the agreements reached by their high-ranking leaders and the basic principles guiding the settlement of sea-related issues, violates international law and goes against the spirit of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC).


Viet Nam has exercised its utmost restraint and showed goodwill, dispatched Deputy Foreign Minister Ho Xuan Son to Beijing to frankly talk with the Chinese side. Deputy PM, FM Minh asked for China’s serious consideration and positive response to Viet Nam’s demands.


Regarding recent spontaneous acts by some protestors to damage production facilities owned by both Vietnamese and foreign investors, Deputy PM, FM Minh affirmed that these acts were made by some individuals who made corrupt use of the situation to cause social disorder and safety.


The Vietnamese Government has taken measures to resolutely prevent and strictly deal with violations in accordance with legal regulations, Deputy PM, FM said.


Deputy PM, FM Minh affirmed that Viet Nam will try its best to create favorable conditions and absolutely ensure the safety of foreign individuals, enterprises and agencies, including Chinese nationals and businesses, in line with Viet Nam’s law and its international commitments.


Deputy PM, FM Minh also requested competent agencies of the two countries to continue close contacts to timely address relevant works./.


(Source: MOFA Viet Nam)